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I am here to find out, once and for all, the best style of nursing bra!


Leading Lady Lace Frame Underwire: Style J1266406

Fri, 07/01/2011 - 8:50AM by Leslie Vander 0 Comments -

Ok, so before I write my review, I wanna try something new using the Leading Lady online description of the product.

Style J126640 (3 out of 5 starts)

  • Beautiful mesh lace frame
  • Seamless cups look great under clothing
  • Quick, one-handed clasp for easy nursing
  • Inner sling for support
  • Underwire for added support*


Here is what MY online description of this product would be:

Style J1266406 (a million bajillion out of 5 stars)

  • gorgeous lace that's makes me wanna sing 'i feel pretty, oh so pretty" and it doesn't itch or anything
  • looked like i had perfectly smooth boobs under any shirt
  • easy as cake nursing clasp
  • an inner sling that surprised me with the support
  • the first underwire bra that did not hurt me in any way shape or form so it is now the only underwire bra so far that i can wear without any discomfort and still have incredible looking boobs even though they are being put through the ringer EVERY DAY.


Ladies, if you are a nursing mother who can wear underwire, listen up.




go, do it, right now. here's the link to his wonderfully amazingtastic nursing bra

and it's only $25.50. a steal if you ask me.


Ok, and now for the review, if you still really need one...

You know when you see a product online, you get the general idea even though you haven't actually seen it, let alone all of it?  Sometimes you get the product and you think "oh, that's nice, it's not quite what I thought it would be but it'll do."  Other times (mostly) you get the product and beat yourself up with "oh my goodness this is not what I want, why did I buy this without trying it on, I'm never doing this again or buying online..."

This experience was neither of those.  I was exceptionally surprised by the product I got versus what I saw on the website.  The lace in the picture just looked like plain old flower patterned lace that you might find on a doily at your grandma's house.  That being said, it's a lot prettier and delicate looking in person, but it isn't actually delicate (if that makes sense).  It's rather sturdy, which you need for a bra, obviously.  ALSO, I didn't know that the lace went all the way around back.  Well, it does, and it's awesome.  For some reason I was thinking it would turn into a regular band around the back for the support and durability, you know? But it's uber cute, no questions about it, you want a lacy nursing bra, here it is.

I have only tried one underwire bra before this.  I used it for like a week and then got paranoid about everyone chanting about plugged ducts and all those problems.  So I got spooked and stopped wearing it.  It wasn't the most comfortable underwire bra to begin with, I don't even remember the brand, but I think it may have been the wrong size too.  Anywho, I was a little skeptical about having an underwire in this experiment in the first place because I was still paranoid.  But, in all fairness to my goal, I didn't have "problems before" so it was probably ok to just try it again, for the sake of this blog too ;)  I don't know if I'm just one of those moms that don't have problems wearing underwire or what, but I didn't have any issues.  There was no uncomfortable poking or pinching or any blocked ducts or pain resulting from wearing.  If anything, my girls felt better because they were being supported by underwire.  I would like to hear from a mother who tries this and has had problems with underwire, just to see if it's me or the bra.  So this time around, this bra had a 10/10 comfort for me! :)

Ease of access was 10/10 as well.  No problems there.  It seems most of Leading Lady bras have similar if not the same mechanism, which is good, because its easy to use lol ;)

Oh, and some other ratings if you aren't convinced.

Cuteness: 10/10

Feminine feeling: 10/10

Husband loving: 10/10

How it looks under shirts: 10/10

Need I go on...? ;)




I like my nursing bra so much I'm still wearing it and I haven't nursed in six months



I'm a 34G right now and my milk has only just started to come in. I wish more affordable nursing bras came in my size.



Natasha - I know what you mean. I may wear this one even after I'm done nursing!!!

sashira - I have noticed that LL has full figure and nursing, but they don't really have full figure nursing...I am going to be looking into that and seeing if I can suggest adding that type to inventory, it only makes sense, right?



sashira - i just looked online and one of the previous bras i reviewed, the front closure leisure, comes in 34G. I don't know if that's what you're looking for (or if you like front closure) but it may be an option.


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